Fleecing Hospice with Hope for Terminally Ill Patients

23 October, 2013

Imagine the warmth and comfort provided by a beautiful, hand-sewn fleece blanket.  Created by projecting positive thoughts and healing energy into every knot, The Berrien County Blanket Brigade works diligently to provide warmth, both literally and symbolically, to those with terminally ill diseases.

Becky Laney, organizer of the Berrien County Blanket Brigade, has personal experience helping guide her father’s journey through hospice.  Central to his comfort during his last days was a fleece blanket that covered her father’s legs while they walked together through the gardens of his hospice.  After his passing, this special blanket provided much comfort and solace to her and her family during their times of grief.  She decided to channel her love for her family members who had passed into creating comfy fleece blankets for others in hospice…. and the Berrien County Blanket Brigade was born!

The Berrien County Blanket Brigade has grown and counts many individuals, youth organizations, and others among its volunteer ranks.  Becky requested funds to purchase fleece and other materials to make more blankets for hospice centers in Berrien County, and Bread for the Journey of Southwest Michigan was thrilled to grant $400 to contribute to their efforts.