Fresh Food Fairy Makes Fresh Food Fun

27 October, 2012

Hether Jonna Frayer is a fresh food educator. Her colorful alter-ego, the Fresh Food Fairy, has kale wings and a beet heart, and she brings the magic of fresh food to children in kindergarten through grade 5. These children don’t naturally eat a lot of fresh food, and the Fresh Food Fairy uses colors, shapes, and textures to engage the kids with fresh vegetables and fruits. She shows them how the veggies can be made into faces, sometimes with black-eyed peas for eyes, and the kids make their own “food friends.” She challenges them to crunching contests, to see who can crunch their carrots or peppers or raw green beans the loudest. She teaches them about texture, and they talk about how the food feels in their mouths as well as in their hands. They taste different kinds of fruit (for example, several different varieties of apples) and each decides which is their favorite. In short, the Fresh Food Fairy makes fresh food fun! Hether approached Bread for the Journey, requesting support for supplies for her classroom presentations or for a new program she would like to add: small group lunches, where she could share a full fresh food meal and play a Crunch-a-Color game (points earned for different vegetables eaten) with 5 to 8 children. After the lunches, Hether would like to be able to leave a game with each classroom, where it could be sent home with kids and returned. She would also like to leave a book about fresh food called “Fast Food” with each classroom. We loved Hether’s enthusiasm, and her colorful pictures of the Fresh Food Fairy and her presentations. We were very pleased to grant her $500 to purchase Crunch-a-Color games, “Fast Food” books, and fresh food for her lunches and presentations.