Ka’desh Community Garden Expansion

26 October, 2012

Last year, Bread for the Journey of Southwest Michigan gave David Jones a micro-grant to start Ka’desh Garden on the north side of town on a piece of land that had originally belonged to his grandmother- a family-friendly place to gather and grow food together. Habitat for Humanity, who owns the land, has now agreed to sell David the land to establish a permanent garden site. In 2010, the garden provided harvest bags to 50 homes in the surrounding area, in addition to the produce that was handed out to residents walking or driving by. In 2011, David wants to expand the garden space, purchase more garden hand tools, add a garden shed for storing tools, plants, etc., hire 4 youth to work part-time, and purchase t-shirts and hats with the Ka’desh logo on them (the t-shirts would also have sponsor logos on the back). Tillers International will once again break ground for the garden this spring, and some students from Kalamazoo College will be volunteering to help with the garden this year. We were again impressed with David’s passion for the garden project and by his plans for expansion. We happily agreed to grant him $400 to pay for water costs and purchase additional garden hand tools.