Peers Support Path to Recovery

26 October, 2012

Cathleen Hursh is passionate about her work. “Just knowing that recovery from mental illness is possible still just floors me and the fact that I can share this with others is a gift that I have been given.” Cathleen is a Peer Support Specialist at the Recovery Institute of Southwest Michigan, a non-profit organization dedicated to peer support of those in recovery from mental illness and/or substance abuse. Cathleen remembers when she first met her Peers in 2006. “I felt comfortable in my own skin for the first time. Peer support to me means being able to give back what I have been given and to help my Peers advocate for themselves.” The Recovery Institute offers classes led by trained peers like Cathleen on pathways to recovery for those with neurobiological disorders, personal action toward health for those with chronic health issues, college preparation for those who want to go to college, wellness recovery for anyone diagnosed with mental illness, and principles of peer support for those who want to become Peer Support Specialists. Most of the class attendees are on a fixed income and often cannot afford the materials needed for the class. Cathleen requested funding for books and for furniture to organize their meeting room. Bread for the Journey of Southwest Michigan agreed that the Recovery Institute is doing very important work and we were pleased to grant them $400.