Permaculture Workshop – A Trybal Revival of Sustainable Land Use

27 June, 2012

Gardens are hosting a two-day workshop on permaculture, an ecological approach to sustainable land use that incorporates planting practices, soil retention, and water conservation. The cost of the workshop (set by and collected by Midwest Permaculture whose founders are presenting the workshop) is $125. Tomme and Dale are providing lunch for all participants on both days free of charge, so the meal is not included in the cost of the workshop. As Trybal Revival is committed to bringing awareness of sustainability and permaculture to everyone, they want to offer scholarships to some people involved in local community gardens and/or CSAs, who might not otherwise be able to afford the workshop. They requested $500 for five $100 scholarships (scholarship receivers would be asked to cover the remaining $25 of the fee). BFJ of Southwest Michigan agreed that the workshop would provide valuable training to our community gardeners and were pleased to grant Tomme and Dale $500 for scholarships for the workshop.